Adak is a second class city in the Aleutians West Census Area, located on Kuluk Bay on Adak Island.  It lies 1,300 miles southwest of Anchorage and 350 miles west of Unalaska or its port Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Island Chain.  Adak is the southern-most community in Alaska, on the latitude of Vancouver Island in Canada. Adak comes from the Aleut word adaq meaning "father."

The Aleutian Islands were historically occupied by the Unangas. The once heavily-populated island was eventually abandoned in the early 1800s, as the Aleutian Island hunters followed the Russian fur trade eastward, and famine set in on the Andreanof Island group. The Native population continued to actively hunt and fish around the island over the years, until World War II broke out. Adak's military installations allowed U.S. forces to mount a successful offensive against the Japanese-held islands of Kiska and Attu. After the war, Adak was developed as a Naval Air Station, playing an important role during the Cold War as a submarine surveillance center. Large earthquakes rocked the island in 1957, 1964, and 1977. The naval station officially closed on March 31, 1997. The Aleut Corporation acquired Adak's facilities under a land transfer agreement with the Department of the Interior and the U.S. Navy branch of the Department of Defense. In 2001, a community formed as a second-class city.

Governance: Adak was incorporated in 2001 and maintains a managerial form of government.  Regular elections are held the first Tuesday in October.  Manager: Layton Lockett; Mayor: Thomas Spitler


  • State-owned, city-maintained 4,500' by 100' asphalt, lighted runway
  • Scheduled air services are available three times weekly from Unalaska
  • Planes can be chartered from Cold Bay or Unalaska
  • Freight service is provided from April to October
  • The city dock and port facility is located 5 miles from town in Nazan Bay.

Education: The Adak School is a member of the Aleutian Region School District.  The school currently enrolls 15 students from preschool through twelfth grade, who are guided by three teachers.  Superintendent: Joseph Beckford



City of Adak

100 Mechanics Way

Adak, AK 99546

Mayor- Thomas Splitler

ph: (907) 592-4500

City Manager- Layton Lockett

ph: (907) 592-4500


Aleut Corporation

4000 Old Seward Hwy., Suite 300

Anchorage, AK 99503

President - Thomas Mack

ph: (907) 561-4300



Download a listing of projects submitted by the City of Adak for inclusion in the Southwest Alaska Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.

Download Adak Projects List