King Cove is a first class city in the Aleutians East Borough, located on the south side of the Alaska Peninsula, on a sand spit fronting Deer Passage and Deer Island. The city is situated in a narrow valley overshadowed by rugged mountains reaching down to the water's edge. 

King Cove was founded in 1911 when Pacific American Fisheries built a salmon cannery on site. Early settlers were Unangan, Scandanavian, and other European fishermen. Of the first ten founding families, five consisted of a European father and an Aleut mother. The city was incorporated in 1949. The cannery operated continuously between 1911 and 1976, when it was partially destroyed by fire. The adoption of the 200-mile fisheries limit inspired a rebuilding of the cannery.

King Cove remains tied to fishing and fish processing and is a mixed non-Native and Unangan community.

Governance: The city was incorporated in 1949 and maintains a mayoral form of government. Regular elections are held on the first Tuesday in October. The mayor is elected at large for a three year term. The six member City Council meets at least once a month on the second or fourth Wednesday of each month. Two members are elected at large annually for three year terms. The council appoints the City Manager and Clerk, and selects the City's contracted attorney. The Council by ordinance enacts legislation, sets policy, adopts the budget, and regulates the fiscal affairs of the City. (These elected offices are not full-time jobs, and the Mayor and Council members do not maintain office hours at City Hall.)

Infrastructure: King Cove is accessible only by air and sea.

  • 3,500' long by 100' wide gravel runway is available
  • Gale force crosswinds are common, as the airport lies in a valley between two volcanic peaks. A hovercraft used to provide regular service to Cold Bay, though it is currently down for maintenance.

The state ferry operates bi-monthly between May and October in King Cove.

  • The ferry and marine cargo services use one of three docks owned by Peter Pan Seafoods
  • A deep water dock is also operated by the city.

The North Harbor provides moorage for 90 boats and is ice-free all year.

The new Babe Newman Harbor is operated by the city and provides additional moorage for 60' to 150' long fishing vessels.

Education: King Cove School is a member of the Aleutians East Borough School District. The school currently enrolls 110 students from preschool through twelfth grade, who are guided by 12 teachers. The high school has cross country, volley ball, wrestling, and basketball teams. King Cove competes as 1a in the Alaska School Activities Association. The school mascot is the T-Jack (Tundra Jack). Superintendent: Michael Seifert



City of King Cove

P.O. Box 37

King Cove, AK 99612-0037

Mayor - Henry Mack

ph: (907) 497-2340


Anchorage Office

3380 C Street, Suite 205

Anchorage, AK 99503

City Manager - Gary Hennigh

ph: (907) 274-7555


Agdaagux Tribe of King Cove

P.O. BOx 249

King Cove, AK 99612

President - Donna Walker

ph: (907) 497-2648


King Cove Corporation

P.O. Box 38

King Cove, AK 99612

President - Dean Gould

ph: (907) 497-2312


City of King Cove - Electric

P.O. Box 37

King Cove, AK 99612-0037

Manager - Garry Hennigh

ph: (907) 274-7555



Download a listing of projects submitted by the City of King Cove for inclusion in the Southwest Alaska Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.