False Pass is a second class city in the Aleutians East Borough.  It is located on the eastern shore of Unimak Island, on a strait connecting the Pacific Gulf of Alaska to the Bering Sea. The landscapes of False Pass has developed primarily on a base of volcanic material which has been subsequently eroded by ice and water. Since volcanism is an active on-going process, the landscapes on Unimak Island are rugged and from the point of view of Geomorphology, are quite young. Most of this landscape is untouched by human activity and lies within the National Wildlife Refuge system

The  Bering Sea presents an extremely shallow annex to the strait and cannot accommodate large vessels; thus inspiring the name False Pass.  The area was originally settled by a homesteader in the early 1900s.   A cannery was established in 1917 and natives immigrated from Morzhovoi, Sanak Island, and Ikatan.  A post office was established in 1921. The cannery operated continuously, except from 1973 to 1976, during which time  two hard winters depleted the fish resources.  It was destroyed by fire in March 1981 and  would not be rebuilt.

The community is primarily Unangan.  Fishing, fish processing, and subsistence activities are mainstays of the culture.

Governance: False Pass was incorporated in 1990 and maintains a mayoral government.  Elections are held on the first Tuesdays in October.


  • Boats and aircraft provide the only means of transportation  into False Pass.
  • A seaplane base and a state-owned  2,100' long by 75' wide gravel airstrip are available. 
  • Mail and passenger flights arrive three times weekly.
  • There is no boat harbor but a dock and boat ramp are available.
  • Cargo barges are available from Seattle. 
  • No local taxi or delivery services exist in False Pass.
  • The state ferry operates once a month between May and October from Kodiak.

Education: The False Pass School is a member of the Aleutians East Borough School District. The school currently enrolls ten students from preschool through twelfth grade who are guided by two  teachers. Superintendent: Michael Seifert



City of False Pass

P.O. Box 50

False Pass, AK 99583-0050

Mayor- Tom Hoblet

ph: (907) 548-2319


City Clerk/Treasurer- Melinda Helberg

ph: (907) 548-2319


False Pass Tribal Council

P.O. Box 29

False Pass, AK 99583

President- Ruth Hoblet

ph:(907) 548-2227


Isanotski Corporation

101 Isanotski Drive

False Pass, AK 99583

President - Ken Smith, Jr.

ph: (907) 548-2217


Aleutian/Pribilof Island Comm. Development Assoc.

234 Gold Street

Juneau, AK 99801

CEO - Larry Cotter

ph: (907) 586-0161


False Pass Electric Assoc.

P.O. Box 50

False Pass, AK 99583

Manager - Tom Hoblet



Download a listing of projects submitted by the City of False Pass for inclusion in the Southwest Alaska Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.

Download False Pass Projects List