Public Schools

There are nine school districts in Southwest Alaska: four districts that correspond to the four incorporated boroughs, three Rural Education Attendance Areas as specified by the State of Alaska, and the school districts of the cities of Dillingham and Unalaska. Funding for public education in Southwest Alaska comes largely from the State of Alaska, averaging more than half of revenues for all districts in the region.

Post-secondary and Continuing Education

Although most communities in the region do not have local continuing education opportunities, distance delivery methods have extended the reach of educational institutions in the region. From University of Alaska branch campuses in Dillingham, King Salmon, Kodiak and Togiak, a variety of post-secondary and continuing education options are available to the residents of Southwest Alaska. The Southwest Alaska Vocational Center in King Salmon provides ongoing skill development and retraining services in several areas of potential reemployment for local residents, including skills in heavy equipment operation, the construction trades, energy development, and computer hardware.

In addition, the Fishery Industrial Technology Center (FITC) conducts marine research and development and provides graduate degree programs. It is adjacent to the Fisheries Research Center, which facilitates research collaboration across agencies and desciplines. Both are located in the City of Kodiak.