Tourism Development

According to the State of Alaska Visitor Statistics Program, Southwest Alaska is one of the least visited regions in the state. However, the region's spectacular scenery; magnificent parks and refuges; abundant wildlife, marine life and birds; diverse Alaska Native cultures; unique Russian colonial heritage and other historical sites; coastal and river communities; and limitless opportunities for outdoor recreation offer untapped potential for sustainable tourism development. 

Current Projects:

  • Southwest Alaska: The Alaska You're Looking For. SWAMC maintains an ongoing regional tourism marketing effort under the brand name "Southwest Alaska: The Alaska You're Looking For," which includes: the Southwest Alaska website; advertising and listings in travel planners, guides and publications; publication and distribution of  Southwest Alaska's lure brochure; and ongoing travel media contacts and information.
  • Alaska Marine Highway National Scenic Byway: SWAMC serves as the coordinator for the Kodiak and Aleutians segment of the byway.
  • Trip & Itinerary Planning: Volunteers from CVB's, tourism businesses, and state and federal agencies provide direction and advice toward trip and itinerary planning. SWAMC is currently working with these volunteers and transportation providers to develop a tour of the "Southwest Alaska Triangle," which includes stops in Kodiak Island, the Aleutians, and Bristol Bay. Someday soon, we hope you as a vistor will be able to "Lose Yourself in the Southwest Triangle!"