2017 Economic Summit and Membership Meeting

We hope you were able to join us for the 2-day Conference, if not please think of attending next year.

The next Conference is scheduled for March 1 and 2, 2018 so put us on your calendar.

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2016 Economic Geography Study

This 2016 report investigates the economic linkages between Southwest Alaska and other Alaska regions. Findings reveal that seafood harvesting and processing operations in Southwest Alaska are an economic engine for the region, a major source of employment and economic output for the state, and a primary economic link with the Alaska road and railbelt region. More broadly, as a region largely defined by its marine resources, Southwest Alaska relies heavily on water-based commerce, employment, and travel.

Not only is Southwest Alaska home to six of the ten largest fisheries in the United States, Dutch Harbor and Kodiak are the second and third largest revenue-generating fisheries nationwide. The revenue generated from these fisheries affects the rest of Alaska on numorous economic levels from travel and tourism to exports and personal income.

Interested in reading more? Download the Full Report: Economic Geography Study


2016 CEDS Update

Southwest Alaska Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

A 2016 revised version of the 2014-2019 Southwest Alaska CEDS document is available for review here. Reviewers are invited to submit any comments concerning the CEDS update to SWAMC's Executive Director, Doug Griffin.

Interested in the full document? Download the full 2014-2019 CEDS report.